More ways to send me your money.

The site redesign continues. I have this nagging suspicion that this would be a whole lot easier if I knew more than basic HTML, but whatever. It's a fine-tuning process, so if you see anything off drop me a line and let me know. I primarily designed it in Safari, so I'm not sure how it looks in other popular browsers like Netscape or AOL.

Oh yeah, The Simon Store is now open.

All up in ya mouth.
I've had a lot of people asking me if they can buy my prints, and now they can! Right now, all that's available is Wayward and the Bump in the Night prints. There's been a lot of demand for the Chubs, but I'm not sure how legal it is to sell reinterpretations of copyrighted characters online, so I'm going to hold off on that until I'm certain I'm allowed to. Any lawyers out there feel free to hit me up and help me out.

Keep in mind this is all a work in progress. When I started planning for a store, my ideal set up would be entirely self-maintained; I get an invoice, and notice of payment and ship it out personally. Which is what I have set up for the prints, as I'm able to make them at a local print shop. The comics however, are still being handled by ComiXpress, the online print-to-order shop I've been working with since Wayward began. Because of this, there are technically two stores right now: The Simon Store that handles the prints, and ComiXpress who handles the books. 

Because of this, any cross-orders are going to have to be handled as two separate purchases and shipments. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a temporary one. I plan to eventually build up a stock of books at Simon HQ and handle the shipments personally, as I do with the prints. But to do that, I essentially have to buy a bunch of my own books from ComiXpress. It's kind of ridiculous for me, but if it makes getting my stuff to you easier, so be it.

Nicole also suggested I set up some kind of online-commission-request-service-thing in the store. I'm milling it over right now. More as it develops.