More terror for you to consume.

After much, much delay, Wayward #3 is now available in the online store. The plan was to have this up right after Wizard World, but distractions happened. Props to reader Ken for reminding me that it wasn't online yet. 

 I haven't forgotten about the Letterbombs - those of you on my list - I've just been busy as hell with school. As soon as I knock out all my homework projects, I have to go back and get more assigned to me. Damn teachers and their insistence that I show up to class and complete all their projects in a timely manner. I've also been distracted with a new commission piece and unfortunately stuff that keeps me from failing college and the stuff that actually puts some money in my pocket takes priority over sending stuff out for free out of the goodness of my cold, black heart. 

I will get everything sent out, I promise. Anyways, you're getting free stuff, so you can't really complain. So...yeah.

I need to start looking at other conventions to attend, but with everything else, it's a matter of finding the time to actually sit down and do the research. I'm definitely shooting for Wizard World Chicago, C2E2, and Acen on a yearly basis, as they're local;  but none of those are happening for a while and I'd like to find something coming up soon, if there are any. 

This is where I'd try to wind things down to avoid ending the post abruptly, but