Distress Call

Free time is rare nowadays, so expect this progress report to be high in information, but short on content. 

School is unsurprisingly taking up the majority of the time I usually reserved for projects, posting, video games, and hooker-choking. Homework was fortunately light this week, and I got it knocked out in time to get a little personal work done. I somehow doubt this will be a common occurrence.

Enough excuses, I need to get to the point.

I just finished storyboarding Wayward #4. It looks like it's going to be around 28 pages. I'm really excited about this one. I've had this issue planned out in my head for a while now, but having the book all laid out panel-for-panel in my crappy thumbnail doodles just makes if feel more real. While issue #3 is more focused on backstory; issue #4 is more like the beginning of the end, a lot more action in this one. Like I already said, I'm excited.

Obviously I want to get this book out as fast as possible, but school has to be top priority so I can only work on it once my weekly school projects are out of the way. I've managed to chip off another hour from my sleep schedule (much to my body's protest) so that helps a bit. As usual, I'll post updates whenever I get the time.

I've finally got all the addresses for the latest round of Letterbombs, so my goal is to have everything ready and shipped out this weekend. Whether I manage to accomplish that or not remains to be seen, but I'll throw up a post whenever they're shipped out.

I think that's it for now. Witty outro's will have to be reserved for a later date.