Wizard World Chicago: The Linkening

Photo by Minh.

While I spent most of my convention time behind the table (or in the stall of the men's room, screaming unintelligibly) a few awesome blokes stopped by my booth, checked out my work, showed me theirs, burst into flames, or shared information. Here's a few of them.

Adam Hicks: Actually an old friend of Nicole's who we've seen at several cons, including this one. He's all kinds of cool.

Justin Currie: He had a booth across from me, so I spent most of the con staring at his work. It was impressive on it's own, but when my crew talked to him and discovered it was all done in Illustrator - a program that I don't really get along with - my mind was blown.

The Descent of the Dead crew: Brodie brought these guys over. They were cool as hell; we swapped books, discussed printing and beer.  

Brian Kirst aka The Big Gay Horror Fan: A blogger that came by and checked out my stuff. As his name implies, he's a horror fan, so I hope he enjoys the book. Maybe we'll see a review on his site sometime.

The Modern Day Pirates: Amanda Hyphenated over at the MDP crew did a quick video interview with me. I've never been interviewed about my stuff before so I was probably a stuttering idiot. Because of that, I don't know if the interview will ever see the light of day. Either way, their site is awesome and Amanda was a lovely gal.

So yeah, hit all these links, check these guys out, and tell 'em Jayesbee says hi. I'm pretty sure there's some other people I need to link up here, but I my brain isn't up too full capacity and I'm still digging through all the business cards, postcards, and flyers I got from the con. If I stumble across any more, I'll put them up.

Since I'm going mad with the links, here's a few non-con-related things worth checking out.

Rotofugi has moved to a bigger, awesomer location. If you're in Chicago and love vinyl toys or art, go to their site, get their new address, and get your ass over there.