I'm still not sure how this happened.

A bit of reiteration here, but bear with me for a second. There is a point to this, I think.
A few months ago, I was at Bry's house and the two of us were taking turns at Metroid. At some point, while Bry was at the controller, I drew what would become this:

I thought it looked amusing - it was a short little pudgy bastard Batman after all - so I threw it up on my Facebook. Nothing more was supposed to become of it. Then comments came in and I started taking requests, turning beloved comic book superheroes and running them through some terrible childhood obesity filter. My bastard Batman had become some sort of community-inspired, chub-based project. I'm still not caught up on the first round of requests.

Today, this happened:

As something of an experiment, the Chubs will be available at Chicago Comic Con as a very limited run of mini-prints. And by limited, I mean 2 of each. They will all be 4X6 inches, except for the Batman and Spawn prints, which are 5X7.

Oh yeah, they're also framed:

Each one will only be $10, but the supply is very limited. If I run out and there's demand for more, I'll try to hit up the printers and have them available the next day. The restocks will be unframed, so act fast.
Also, I'll be taking Chub commissions. Since I have to draw them by hand, scan them for digital inking and coloring, then have them printed; this is going to be an overnight deal. As in "you request it Friday and I'll have it available Saturday".
Commissions will be $15. They'll be unframed, 5X7 prints, but they will include both the final product and the original, hand drawn version.
Also, for all you people who made the initial Facebook requests that led to this series, you'll be getting your prints with your Letterbombs package sometime after the convention.
Free of charge, of course.