To sum it up...

Problems with the printers. I'm working on it.

I tried to order some reprints of Wayward #1 and #2 for the con, but apparently the company I've been printing through has since gone through some sort of massive overhaul, and re-ordering is being a fucking nightmare.  I've emailed the printer and told them about my August deadline, what I need, and asked them what needs to be done in order to get my books on time. They're obviously closed today, but hopefully I'll hear back from them tomorrow.

Full disclosure, this may or may not determine whether I can get a table at the con. 

To cover my bases, I've also sent an email to a local printer, the same one I use for my Bump in the Night  prints. I don't know if comic printing is something they'd offer. I don't know if the book will look good enough if printed through this local company, and I don't know if it's affordable, but I've initiated a dialogue, and once I hear back from them, I may have a second option in case this first printer doesn't pan out. 

TL;DR. I've contacted my old printer, as well as a new local company to do what I can to get these damn book printed. 

More as it develops.