Meet Bobby and the Toms.

Holy crap Bump in the Night is done. Meet Bobby the mummy:

And here's a whole bunch of zombies, who by a matter of very extreme coincidence, are all named Tom:

So the set is done. Never let it be said that I never finished anything in my life.

[What's next, you ask?]

Finishing Bump in the Night as well as the first round of The Chubs is part of two events: Wizard World Chicago and and the third round of Letterbombs. All that's left for the con and the mailing is finishing Wayward #3, which should be ready for the printer this week. More info as it develops, and all that nonsense.
Since I'm too stupid to leave well enough alone, I'm toying with the idea of eventually expanding on both Bump and The Chubs; sequels, if you will. With The Chubs, I simply plan on putting out another Facebook notice for requests and doing a second round of whatever you crazy humans throw at me. I'd also like to do another set of prints similar to Bump in terms of style but instead of classic monsters, I'd like to take a stab at classic sci-fi staples; robots and aliens and whatnot.

Needless to say, I'm not going to even let myself start to seriously think of these expansions until I've got the con/Letterbomb prep and some other projects knocked out. But it's something I'd like to do if/when I get the time.