It is impossible to read during a lucid dream.

I've only slept two hours in the past two days, and yet I feel completely fine. No negative effects whatsoever. Except I keep seeing this guy in my peripheral vision:

I call him Mr. Chad.

...but that's it. Once I adapt to living in a waking nightmare and wean myself off of sleep completely, I'll be unstoppable. Just imagine, while you puny humans are wasting all that time sleeping, I'll be prowling the night, free to do whatever I want.  If it's 3 in the morning and I want pancakes, I could make them because I won't be unconscious. 

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make pancakes, so that's probably a bad example.

[Convention Stuff]

I still don't feel comfortable making any guarantees until everything is officially official, but The Simon Corporation having a table at Wizard World Chicago is starting to look pretty plausible.

I did some proof tests and sent the files for Wayward #3 to the printer earlier today. I'm pushing the deadline here, but hopefully I'll  have the books ready in time for the convention.  If not, I'll just go without. The first two issues of Wayward, along with the Bump in the Night and Chub prints should be more than enough to justify a table. 

With the comics and prints getting taken care of, I've been messing around with promotional stuff - postcards and whatnot. Nicole and Mary have even been window shopping for materials to make a life-sized Simon prop for the table.

This guy. Full size.

I don't know if he'll be ready by this convention, but it's definitely something I eventually want to build.

I wish I had more concrete news, but disappointment is kinda my thing. I'll post more news as it develops.

[Stuff I need to do / Things I'm thinking about doing.]

Before I start working on Wayward #4, I really want to do a mini-project (and finish SPACEDOOM). Having just finished the first two volumes of the EC Archives Tales from the Crypt books, I've been toying with the idea of doing a short horror comic. Nothing big, just a 4-6 page mini. I have absolutely nothing written,  but I still want to do it. And that makes perfect sense.