My opinions are worthless here. Give me yours instead.

I really should be working on Wayward #3 right now, seeing how the art's sooo close to completion, but I feel like I've been worked over with a baseball bat right now. My friends say it's because I've been staying up 'till the wee hours working on Wayward for several weeks straight, but I think it has more to do with that gang of ninja hobos that worked me over with baseball bats as I was walking to the Quick Stop earlier this afternoon.

So since my eyes won't stop bleeding long enough to get a couple panels finished, and I'm up anyway, I figured I'd take this time to get the ball rolling on another project; one that involves all my friends that read this nonsense. Now, I've stated before that I don't really care about feedback or comments on my regular keyboard-smashing sessions, but for this particular post some form of response would be greatly appreciated, be it here in the comment section or on my Facebook (which seems to be you guys' preferred method).

Think of this as a poll, or a survey, or me trying to look like I actually care, or whatever.

Remember this guy?

Of course you do, it's Nigel. From that Bump in the Night series that I really need to finish. He's a swell chap. Just look at him, just hangin' out there, staring at your very soul with empty, dead eyes. Such a happy guy. Dare I say: pal.

Anyway, a few people have suggested that I put him on a shirt. I hadn't really thought about it before, but since the idea's been brought to my attention, I think visually it'd be do-able. I'd remove the background and change it to something more apparel-friendly, but Nigel himself would be pretty much remain untouched. This is something I could make happen.

Now, this is where you guys come in. I need honest feedback here: do you think this is something the hip and happening kids would want to wear? I don't really keep up with all the cool styles, and since I try to keep a Beyond Thunderdome vibe with my own personal wardrobe, I can't really trust my own intuition when it comes to anything fashion-related.

Me on any given day. The dwarf doubles as a messenger bag.

So, yeah. Nigel on a shirt: do you think it'll fly off the shelves, or would designing it be a waste of my time? Drop me a line via your preferred method and let me know what you think. And I want honesty here folks. If you think it's a bad idea, say so. You're not going to hurt my feelings on this as it wasn't my initial idea. And I don't have feelings.