If you can read this please help.

Don't you have work to do?

I don't know who these terror children are. I don't know where they came from. I don't even know if they're real or an insomnia-induced hallucination. What I do know is they terrify me, they're standing behind me RIGHT NOW, and the only thing that keeps them from whispering their sins in my ear in that inhuman voice of theirs and putting those horrible pictures in my head OH DEAR GOD THE PICTURES is the sound of me drawing or typing; so I'm just going to just keep doing that. I'm not going to get up from my desk. I'm not even going to turn around. I'm just going to sit here and work on stuff until someone decides to SEND HELP.


Last night's AM Sessions seemed to revolve around the theme of productivity born from the complete lack of productivity. Or something like that. Bear with me here I FEAR FOR MY LIFE. I spent all of last night laying out and drawing the next page of Wayward. After a hard night's/early morning's work, I looked at the fruits of my labor and realized every bit of it was total shit. Little to nothing was salvageable from the session's efforts. Yet somehow, by seeing what obviously wouldn't work, I immediately realized what I should have done. It's still fucking up, but it's fucking up in the right direction. Ya dig?

I CAN FEEL THE BLACK, EMPTY SOCKETS WHERE THEIR EYES SHOULD BE STARING AT THE BACK OF MY HEAD Wayward #3's coming along nicely. Not as fast as I'd like, but this shit takes time. My goal is to have it done and printed in time to justify having a table at the next Wizard World convention, which is sometime this summer I believe; so it's been nothing but Wayward and these occasional updates non-stop. As soon as Wayward #3's done, I immediately have to start on finishing my other random projects. The plan is to eventually have an gallery/show/thing, so I need enough material to fill a show. I figure I can include the Bump in the Night series (once it's done), the various Grim Awesome pieces (also, once they're done), and whatever else I can come up with in that time. WHY ARE THEY SINGING NOW!? I feel I should state for the record that this gallery/show decision was made for me, not entirely by me.

I can't stress how much I'm looking forward to getting into all the other projects, stories, and comics that I've dreamt up in my wacky, oversized head. Wayward's fun, and I'm really looking forward to dropping the last few issues, but thinking of these other ideas that I've been chewing on for so long makes me almost giddy.

Except for now, ' cause I'm currently terrified out of my mind. I'm going to make a run for it. All I have to do is leap from my desk, run down the hall and dive through the living room window. The fall is going to hurt, but it's better than staying here. Stay calm Jamie, they can smell your fear. Danger is your last name, you can do this. Just act cool. Just sitting here, typing at my computer, not at all thinking about running for my life. No reason to be suspicious, nightmare children of immeasurable terror, no reason to be suspicious at all. 

I'm just typing. Typey typey type. alk;hjgkfhdgd