A terribly familiar velocity.

Speculating on the side of caution, I believe that the freelance job is done and my paycheck should be arriving in the coming weeks. Repeating for emphasis; the sheer amount of caution in that statement is thick and heavy, so much so that wading through it is akin to breathing in an atmosphere composed entirely of gelatin. Uneasy, cautious gelatin.

With that project (theoretically) completed and in the bag, I have now freed up my spare time to resuming my previous projects. While one half of my fragmented, disoriented brain is excited about the prospect of returning to my personal schemes, the other contradictory half is panicked, trying to determine exactly which of the many, many backlogged projects I should focus on first.
Which brings me to the point of this entry - trying to log all the shit I am working on/wanting to work on so nothing is lost in the cracks of my horrible, horrible memory. Regular readers are welcome to sit quietly in the audience and observe, but this post is mainly a to-do grocery list of sorts. If any entertainment value can be extracted, by all means, feel free to do so. But unfortunately the chuckles aren't going to be high priority in this one.

Wayward #3: As much as I kick and scream, this is top priority. This is what needs to be the focus of the majority of the bloodshot AM hours for the indeterminable future. I'm about halfway done, then it's fun times at the printers.

SPACEDOOM chapter 12: I've started this one. It's sitting in my dropbox. I can work on it on any word processing device that has internet access. I can literally knock this out in a night. Why I haven't done that yet is completely beyond me. Note to self: do that.

Bump in the Night: I have three more prints to do. The character illustrations are done, I just need to do the backgrounds and the finalizing...and the printing. The problem is, one of those prints is the gigantic Toms/zombie mob print, and doing that scares me. I'm going to have to stock up on booze for that one.

Wacky Hat Day in Hell (print): Much like the Bump in the Night prints in terms of style, but this differs because it will only be one print, and that print will be ridiculously large. I should start mapping/thumbnailing in my free time.

Grim Awesome (sculpture): The prototype sculpture obviously isn't going to work for reproduction. With some god-forsaken compromise, I've come up with a theory for a potential redesign. I just need to get some more Super Sculpy and see if it works.

Grim Awesome (paintings): I can't paint, but I've decided to do two paintings - an oil and a watercolor. I decided to do this because I'm an idiot. I simply need to get the necessary equipment and figure it out.

Beta: A fucking novel. With all the aforementioned projects and more, I don't plan on seriously digging into this anytime soon, but I still need to get out a decent overview.

New Dick Handsome story: Another story to compose on my phone in my free time. I've started it, but it's hard to produce more than a paragraph or two before I start to hate myself. I'll just keep picking at it and it should be completed eventually.

Comics to start after Wayward is completely finished: Lucid, Nowhere (working title), and Theatre of the Eye/Amazing Science! (working title possibilities). I have two more issues of Wayward to do after #3 is finished, and with the new books, I want to hit the ground running. I should really start working on story overviews, character sketches, and style tests in my free time. I should do this, but I probably wont.