A terribly familiar addendum.

In my previous entry - written a mere hours ago - I listed a number of projects I am working on/hope to work on soon. The purpose of that post was to have everything written down so I wouldn't forget it. This entry will, without a doubt, illustrate exactly how forgetful and disorganized I am as it's purpose is to document the shit I forgot to write down in the previous entry.

That's right, I forgot some shit while I was making a list of shit not to forget. Let that sink in for a moment.
LittleBigPlanet levels: I'm working on a series of levels - probably about 4 total - that serve as chapters in an overall storyarch. Aside from some minor tweaks and some beta testing, the first one should be just about ready to go. The initial idea - aside from the overall theme and story line - is to have each level focus on a different gameplay aspect. To be blunt, I'm quite skeptical in my ability to pull this off as it is a completely different monster than the ones I usually work with. Regardless of the final product's quality, the process should be interesting.

Things you put on yourself: Nicole and a plethora of other human peoples have insisted that I put together some designs for tshirts, hoodies, stickers and other varieties of wearable devices. I've a few ideas, but when I try to execute them, things just go bad. Sometimes it just doesn't translate properly from grey matter to canvas, sometimes I get distracted by other projects, and sometimes a comically oversized boxing glove mounted to a spring comes flying from my monitor and breaks my face. So help me, something will be produced though, broken jaws and shattered teeth be damned.

Okay, that should be everything now. There's most likely something I've left out because I can't remember it. Actually, I can guarantee there's something I've left out because I can't remember it. Yay.