Things getting done.

Letterbomb Notice

Letterbombs are out. Brodie, Buddha, Randy, Gwen and Joe, and Beth: take notice.

According to the human at the UPS store, everyone should be receiving their packages (via UPS) this Tuesday or Wednesday. Except for Beth, who should get hers Friday because she had the audacity to exist on the west coast.

Here's what you'll be receiving:

Monster and half-consumed Dunkin' Donuts latte not included.

Bump in the Night: Nigel print (11 x 17, untrimmed)

Bump in the Night: Boos print (11 x 17, untrimmed)

Bump in the Night: Ralph print (11 x 17, untrimmed)

Copy of Wayward, issue 2

A physical copy of the Exciting Prize Pack notice

One randomly-chosen piece of original Bump in the Night lineart (which would actually be worth something if I was a real artist, which I'm not. Sorry.)

Let me know when you get your packages just so I know everything made it okay.