The Simon Corporation wants your money. And your Labor. And your blood samples. And your cake.

In case it wasn't made obvious by the lame sidebar ad that I spent a whole three minutes designing on my site, the second issue of Wayward is now available for purchase online.

Buy it. Fifteen times. Right now. I want your money.

About fifteen million years ago, when the first issue of Wayward went up for sale online, I put up a banner for cool people to use and post wherever they pleased in order to spread the word and provide me with free advertising. And, to my surprise, a lot of you actually put it up on your MySpaces and blogs and whatnot. In case I never got to say it before, that was awesome of you guys. You guys is cool people. You get a thumbs up.

Holy shit, it's The Fonz!

Now that the second issue is available, I figured I'd try putting up another banner for you awesome cool people who have great hair to use and continue to pimp my shit.

This doesn't look nearly as cool with that Fonz picture sitting up there.

If any of of you readers want to help get the word out about my comic, you can take this banner and stick it on your Facebook, MySpace, toaster oven, blog, whatever. The more you pimp it out, the awesomer you'll become.

"But Jamie, you charming playboy, how would a cool guy/gal such as myself post your banner on my preferred location?" you ask? Why it's simple! Just paste the following code where ever you want! Hooray!

aaaaaand that should work. For those of you who don't know HTML because they spent their youth going to parties and having relations with happening babes, you can change the size of the banner by adjusting the WIDTH and HEIGHT variables. Also, I'm not exactly a HTML expert myself (and I didn't get to party with babes, what a rip-off) so let me know if there's any issues with the code.

Just post this code (if it works) on whatever and - in a matter of minutes - hot babes/guys/sparkly vampires will show up at your door en masse. I guarantee it.*

[death is funny]

I may have hinted at it before, but considering I stayed up all last night working on it, I guess it's official. I'm starting a new experiment/project/series that is much like Bump in the Night in that it's a series of related art project, but different in that it's not called Bump in the Night. The series is called Grim Awesome and, in theory, it will probably involve some hand-drawn-digitally-colored images, one or two paintings, and at least one sculpture. The sculpture I'm working on now. It should be done tonight and I'm just hoping it doesn't explode in my oven. More as it develops.

*The Simon Corporation does not guarantee the arrival of hot babes, guys, or vampires - sparkly or otherwise.