The Buddist and the Hot Dog Vendor.

A lot of shit's gone down recently, and I've wanted to update, but shit kept going down so ... yeah.


Let's get this over with.


I meant to ship out The Simon Corporation's Exciting Prize Pack last weekend but I got distracted by Nicole's gallbladder and it's inexplicable need to explode. We spent three days in the hospital as she underwent surgery to remove the rogue organ and I sat at her morphine-saturated side and watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

She's okay now. A little sore and stuck in the apartment for about a week, but okay none the less. I plan to get the Exciting Prize Packs out this weekend. Unless Nicole's pancreas bursts into flame or something.

[A Very Venture Halloween]

This Halloween, Bryan, Mary, Nicole and I dressed up as Dr. Orphius, Treyana, Dr. Girlfriend, and The Monarch, all of Venture Bros. fame.

Bryan, Mary, and Nicole's costumes were fairly easy - mainly minor alterations on pre-purchased items - but mine was made pretty much entirely from scratch by Nicole and Mary. We went out to a couple bars, one of which had a costume contest that we came in second place in - a testament to their craftsmanship. The prize for second place was a fifty dollar bar tab. On a completely unrelated note, me, Bryan, Mary, and some random people sitting at the table next to us got blitzed that night. (Nicole doesn't drink.)

Speaking of drinking (large quantities of Guinness), going to the bathroom in a full bodysuit is very hard. When walking back to the car, I became consumed with the extreme and immediate desire to remove all liquids from my being. So we crashed some random house party and I pissed all over their bathroom. That may sound rude of me, but one: I was drunk, two: I was teaching whoever the host was a very important lesson about letting strangers into their house, and three: I'm pretty sure I wasn't the first person to coat that bathroom in urine that night.

[A new home for Lies and Propaganda]

Ever since people started vacating MySpace en masse in favor of Facebook, I've been looking for a new location to post my random shit as it's been brought to my attention that people still want to read it, but no longer want to log into MySpace. I set up a temporary mirror at LiveJournal, but I never wanted to stay there long as LiveJournal is something of a running joke. So now I've got a page up on Blogspot/Blogger. It's free and there's a lot more options for customization. I'm still tweaking the appearance, but the layout's pretty much done. Check it out and if you have any suggestions appearance-wise, hit me up.

For those readers still on MySpace, I do plan to continue to cross-post there.

[And the rest...I think.]

I've been tied up with all the aforementioned shit, but now that most of it's out of the way, I can get back to my other projects. I'm currently in the middle of Wayward issue 3 and SPACEDOOM chapter 12. And I'm also starting to prep Beta as well as another print/sculpture project I'm currently calling Grim Awesome. And hopefully, sometime before I die violently, I plan on writing up another Dick Handsome: Paranormal Gynecologist story (although I'll probably regret it).

So ... yeah. I've go shit to do.