BONE CHILLING TERROR and butterflies

Autumn has arrived, robbing Chicago of both daylight and warmth. Fortunately, I'm more of a nocturnal person but I can't say I'm looking forward to the whole "cold" thing.

Of course, with autumn comes Halloween, a traditional christian holiday celebrating the time Jesus resurrected a man from the dead and terrified onlookers threw candy at him in misunderstood fear. Or something like that. This Halloween me, Nicole, Bryan and Mary decided on a Venture Brothers theme and are dressing up as The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Dr. Orphius, and Pumpkin respectively.

Me and Nicole, in animated form.

Construction on the costumes has begun and needless to say, The Monarch is proving to be quite an involved task. We've all been working on the costumes together; my job being to sketch out stencils, be a mannequin for measurements, and play Mega Man with Bryan while Nicole and Mary do all the hard work. They have been doing an amazing job and I'll post pictures once the holiday is in full effect.

Aside from costuming, I've got a few other things going on to get into the holiday spirit: I've been posting nonsense ghost stories on my Twitter for a few days now and I'm starting a Halloween print; something in the vein of Bump in the Night, but more trick-or-treat focused. I really shouldn't be talking about the print as I'm not even sure it'll be done by Halloween, but by announcing it here I sort of out the project, forcing me to do everything I can to get it out in time as it's now to be expected. Think of it as "tactical self-sabotage" or something. Or better yet, just don't try to follow my bizarro-logic, kay?

As I've stated before, I am close to making an announcement regarding Wayward and some other projects I'm excited about, but there's just a few small things I have to take care of first. Yes, it's an excuse, but a legit one.

Oh, and Zombieland = The Good Times.