Progress Report: A Shift in the Right Direction

Got the latest proof for Wayward 2 in the mail today...holy shit, I think it's actually done. In my joy, I ran through my apartment shrieking in blind horror and launched myself through my living room window. On a completely unrelated note, both my arms and legs are shattered, mangled parodies of human limbs and I'm composing this entry entirely in the "bash your face into the keyboard" method.

What this means is that, for starters, I've got months of painful rehabilitation and relearning how to eat solid foods to look forward to. Also, I can finally start the first print run of Wayward 2. It'll probably be a couple weeks before I have those in hand and ready to ship out. I'll post more as it develops.

God dammit, it's four thirty in the fucking morning.

[Prototype] is fucking awesome.