It's either this or sleep.

This morning, I got the last batch of achievements for Fallout 3. This includes the Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel DLC's. As amazing as I found that game to be, I'm almost as happy just to be done with the fucking thing. Now maybe I can get some real shit done.

Bryan flew back to Louisville this morning. He has to finish up some work-related shit then he'll be up here for good. He returns mid-June, I believe. Until then, Mary will continue to crash at our place, making awesome foodstuffs and keeping Nicole batshit giddy with their conversations of America's Next Top Model, vaginas, and whatever else females talk to each other about.

Bryan being up here has repeaked my interest in sculpting. Vinyl toys to be specific. Bry hooked me up with some info on materials and procedure, so now I just have to figure out what exactly I want to sculpt. Naturally my first instinct was a robot, as I have something of a hard-on for them, but when I look out at the vinyl toy "scene", all I see are robots. So I can't use my usual ideas without feeling like an unoriginal twat. I've got a few other ideas spinning around though, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it (which always seems to be the hardest part with me). I'll post more info when/if anything develops.

Finally got some word from the printer about the latest revision of Wayward 2. I should be receiving the updated proof in about two weeks. If everything looks good, I start the first run; if not, I either make more revisions or say "fuck it" and can the entire project, depending on my demeanor at the time.

I also need to get my Bump in the Night prints out, but the idea of dealing with a printer for another project is really not appealing to me right now. I guess I need to suck it up and deal with it. Yay.

That nagging voice in my head that usually has nothing to offer but bad ideas is telling me that another round of AM Sessions is in order if I'm to ever get any of my shit done. Problem is, my studio is currently serving as a bedroom occupied by one (1) human Mary. This is leading to some interesting internal conversations:

-Your inability to get Wayward 3 done disgusts me you worthless pig! No sleep until it is done!
-But Mary's in there. And like most normal humans, she sleeps. I can't really stay up all night, shrieking obscenities at my computer without disturbing her. That's just rude.
-Uh...that's actually worse than rude. That homicide. What if I just set up a makeshift studio in the living room?
-FINE, DO THAT! But after that, you must MAKE A SANDWICH! AND DESTROY IT!!!

Yes, all my internal dialogues usually end with sandwiches and violence.