The AM Sessions

That's a brief glimpse of what my horrible, horrible life looks like.

So a while ago, I realized that, if I were to actually have a table at the next Wizard World Chicago Con, I really need to have some shit ready. And since it's only a few months away, I need to get off my lazy ass and get to work. Since I'm such a fan of solving simple problems with needlessly harmful solutions, I decided to start a marathon of AM Sessions, a name I've given to periods of time where I negate sleep in exchange for production. Several days into the sessions, my stupid efforts were actually starting to show some positive results, much to my surprise.

Then Fallout 3 showed up in the mail and all that productivity went to shit.

It went pretty well actually, in just a few days I reviewed the latest proof for Wayward 2, fixed it up and sent it back for updates. I'm currently waiting on the latest, latest proof, which should hopefully be the last.

I also wanted to have more variety than just a couple issues of Wayward available for the con, so I set out to get some Bump in the Night prints finished, and surprisingly, I did. To refresh your memory, here's some basic lineart that I posted here five million years ago:




And here's the final versions, complete with improvised and terribly inappropriate watermarks:

I'm almost done with the The Toms print as well, but it's not quite finished yet. I'll post more as it comes along. Now I just have to find an appropriate printer for them, I'm wanting some kind of mini poster thing for them, but I need to find someone that does the appropriate sizes, is affordable, and is not CafePress. I'm open to suggestions.