A drunken lurch in the proper direction. With added noise.

Progress on Wayward #3 is coming along...well, "nicely" probably isn't the proper term. But it's coming along at any rate. I'd like to think I'd be further along if it wasn't for the slumbering effect winter has on me, my own internal bullshit, and various external distractions, but quite frankly pondering "what if" bullshit scenarios is counter-productive, and I have far more important things to kick myself over.

In a completely unrelated change of topic; this week has been interesting. The economic recession swept in, clad in a black tux, stovepipe hat, monocle, and pointed mustache like a silent film villain, and robbed me of my job. But the recession underestimated the mighty bounce-back power of this particular loser, as I had an interview for a new job lined up the day of my layoff and - only two days after the layoff stuck - had secured a new job. One that paid the same as my previous one, and was much closer to my Apartment of Solitude. Maybe I'm being overdramatic, but I consider that impressive in a time when I can't turn on the news without some asshat smiling at the screen and telling me the country is doomed.

On a note completely unrelated to the previously mentioned unrelated note (NOTE TO SELF: Learn how to write a segue.), I've managed to get Steam to run locally on my MacBook (OMG HAxx0r!!1!) so I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 recently. It's rather amazing how superior the PC version is compared to the 360; there just so much more...well everything. If any of y'all are playing TF2, hit me up. My Steam gamertag is jayesbee (clever, I know) or you can just go to my Steam ID page by clicking on long-ass line that I've kindly hyperlinked for your convenience. Word of caution though: I'm sick with the Pyro.