SPACEDOOM: A Johnny Explosion Adventure

Chapter 4: An Appointment...WITH DOOM!

"Mine name is Gretchen Von Haagendas," My mysterious german woman explained, "I'm an agent with the Neo-American Adversary Detainment Squad..."

"You're with NADS!?" I was shocked. The NADS were the best of the best, a super-elite, all-girl ninja squad; created by the neo-government to deal with the worst of the worst. They work behind the scenes, in the shrouded in secrecy so much so that most people don't even know they exist.

If NADS were involved with this case, it must be big.

"Yes, I am a NAD. When president's daughter vas kidnapped. The president pulled out NADS and sent us out to find her. This did not end well."

"What happened?"

"Our group is best of best. But very small. To find Apocalypse, ve shake up known Apocalype henchmen. One of the henchmen, he is clever. He sends us to warehouse vhere we are ambushed. The NADS were not big enough to handle such an attack. Most of the NADS were captured. Except me."

This was big. I always knew that Professor Apocalypse and his evil forces were a threat to mankind, but I never thought they were skilled enough to capture the government's NADS. I knew then that I was gonna have to keep my eyes peeled, keep my senses sharp, and stay on my toes if was to solve this case and make it out alive.

Gretchen Von Haagendas continued, "I need to free my NADS, but I cannot do it alone. Without your expert barbarian detective skills, all is lost."

Another thing on my to-do list. Find Professor Apocalypse, stop his plans, save Sophia MacGuyver; the presidents daughter, AND now I have to rescue an all-girl ninja spy squad. This case is getting more and more complicated by the second.

"You said you had some information for me?"

She pulled a photograph out of her clevage. I tried not to stare. "I have learned that, to protect himself, Professor Apocalypse hasn't even told his people vhere he is located. Only very few high-level goons know vhere he is." She handed me the photograph. "This is one of those goons. His name is..."

"Doctor Macabre." I interrupted.

"You know this man?"

"I've dealt with him before. He has an affinity for preforming surgical experiments on less-than-willing participants; adding extra limbs, cybernetic implants, preforming mind-control labotomies...real sick stuff. He's more of a business partner to Apocalypse than an underling. Apocalypse finances his experiments, and in return Macabre lets him borrow his psychotic creations. Last time they worked together, I had to deal with a bunch of four-armed, two-headed manpigs that shot lasers out of their eyes."

She looked horrified, rightfully so. "And you know vhere to find this Macabre Doctor?"

The Shady Underground. Turns out I was on the right trail after all, just not in the way I had thought. Doctor Macabre has his own set of goons that're known to hang out at the Underground. And since Apocalypse is keeping his goons in the dark, the best route has to be through Macabre and his cronies.

As we pulled up to the Underground, I explained my plan to Haagendas.

"So your plan is to find Macabre goon, rough them up to find Macabre, rough up Macabre to find Apocalypse, yes? Good plan, Johnny Detective, very good."

I sighed, "Yeah, it always looks easy on paper."

I grabbed my rocket surfboard and my broadsword and started to get out of the car. Before I could step out on to the street, she grabbed my arm. "I am wishing you the best of luck, Johnny Detective. I will be in touch."

I nodded, got out of the car, and watched as she sped off. After her car disappeared in the busy traffic, I turned to The Shady Underground. This haven for goons, thugs, swindlers, and no-good crooks. This is where I start getting some answers.

I've got an appointment with the good Doctor Macabre, one he ain't ever gonna forget.


What danger awaits our hero in the crimeworld's seedy underbelly? Find out in the next awesome-packed chapter of SPACEDOOM: A Johnny Explosion Adventure!