I'm back.


Well, technically I've been back for a while, but I'm bad at communication. After my accident, I couldn't do much of anything, which included working on comics. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the hiatus. After recovery and a bunch of rehab to get my arms functioning again, I started drawing as soon as I was able to do so. So I went from not being able to draw to doing a deep dive to catch up on lost time. I kept thinking "I should make a blog post about my recovery", to which I'd reply, "I could do that OR I could spend that time working on my shit".

So not only am I back, but I've been back for a bit now, and I've been busy. So busy that y'all are getting a new free comic this week.

Albany DATE.jpg

N'Albany: The Silent Forest is the second story in this weird little town I've created. While it's not necessarily a sequel the the first story (The Garrets), there is still some connection, so if you haven't read the first N'Albany comic you should check it out. As usual, these comics are available to read absolutely free on my site.

I'll be posting the first part of this new story this Wednesday, the 30th. Follow me on my various social media things (links at the bottom) for live updates when they're up.

On top of the new comic, I've also got a convention coming up in October and I'm working on a piece for a gallery, but the details are still cooking on those. I'll post more info when it's available.

If there's any kind of lesson to be learned from the past few months, it's this: Don't break your arms kids. I know it sounds cool and sexy, but it's really no fun at all.