unforeseen circumstances

this is gonna be short and annoying to read, apologies. typing is hard. 

almost two weeks ago, i was biking home from my day job when a lady cut me off causing me to fall off my bike. i bashed my head and landed weird on my arms. i initially refused medical treatment cause my brain was scrambled and i wasn't thinking right and wound up getting a ride home from the police. nicole eventually convinced me to go to the ER 'cause we thought i might be concussed. turns out my head was fine but i managed to break both my wrists, both my elbows, and my left shoulder. 

when the nurse at the ER first told me i broke all of my shit i just started laughing. hysterically. once i was able to compose myself, i had to explain to her that i'm an illustrator and a bassist with two broken arms. 

needless to say, this sucks. i can't do most of the creative things that basically define who i am as a person for at least a few more weeks. the pain is annoying but the hardest part of this whole recovery process is figuring out what to do with myself. i normally start the day with a goal, usually "i'm gonna finish inking the next page of whatever book I'm working on." and that becomes my focus for the day. but i can't do shit now, so i don't really know what to do every day.

anyway, I'm rambling. the point of all this is I'm on hiatus against my will for the next few weeks. also i won't be able to attend Heroes Con in NC this weekend, but most of my crews gonna be there so you should still go. 

typing hurts. gonna cut this short. be back soon.