Like a plague or an aggressive ivy

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016 is in the bag and, like the conclusion of every convention, there's a lot of data to process. It's always awesome to go to a show and see returning readers from previous years, it's doubly awesome to see that happen at travel show. It's like I'm growing and developing these hubs of readership across the country. I have to pause and allow myself to be impressed with it because it's growing despite the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. Needless to say, I absolutely intend on being there next year.

I will be at Indiana Comic Con 2017

Cincy was my last convention for the year, but I've already confirmed I'll be returning to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Con 2017. Speaking of setting up hubs of readership, this'll be my second year at that show and I met a lot of really cool cats there in 2016, so I'm stoked to get back down there with new books. Speaking of which...

Nowhere #4 is now available in the Simon Store

You can pick it up right here. Check it out and share it with humans you like.

I'm done with conventions for the year, but there's at least one more appearance lined up for 2016. I'll post more info about it as it gets closer.