In a few days, Patrick Trahey and I will load up the rocket-powered hate engine (Patrick's car) and launch it with an impossible fury directly into the heart of Cincinnati. There, I will continue pursuing my life long dream - to share my stories with people so hard that it levels an entire city.

Get your ass to Cincinnati Comic Expo. I'll be at table D20. Here's a helpful visual to help you remember:



And here's a map:

Behold the Queen

I've officially started working on Nowhere #5. The script is done and I've started the art. Here's the cover:

I've been looking forward to that blue ever since I decided on a color scheme for these covers. Nowhere #4 ended up taking much longer than I planned, so the goal for #5 is to have it completed significantly faster. Most of my goals tend to crash and burn, so let's see how this one goes.

Until then, take your ass with both hands and insert it directly into Cincy. See you there.