Concerning the occasion of rain and the quantity thereof

I've actually been between projects for a few days and it's been weird. I made it a conscious point to not jump into the next big project right after the last to avoid burnout. To put it another way, I forced myself to take a mini-vacation. It didn't sit well with me. I've started my next book now.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, a whole lot of stuff has went down recently, so let's go down the list:

Nowhere #4 is done.


Wow, this one took me longer than I expected. Granted, it is a bit longer than my usual comic. But who cares, it's done now. Hooray! I've ordered stock from the printer and it will be making it's debut at Cincinnati Comic Expo. I'll be adding it to the Simon Store afterwards.

Speaking of comics being done...



Creators create for a variety of reasons. Some create to express themselves, some create to entertain or educate, and sometimes they create to get this goddamn thing out of my fucking head. This book is the latter. While I've been waiting for Nowhere #4 to come in from the printer, I made this one-shot comic based on a weird rambling idea I've had kicking around in my skull for years. And now you can read it right here on my site for free! Just head to the webcomics section.

I may have said this in an earlier post, so apologies if this is redundant, but I really dig this "make one comic for print - make one to put up on the site" routine I'm getting in. I just love being able to make a story and having it immediately available to the readers. This is definitely something I want to keep doing.

Moving on...

Put me on your chest

So for years now - at just about every convention I've done - I've had a handful of people point to my logo and ask if I sold that as a shirt, saying they'd buy it if it was. Now it is:

I've made my logo (and another design) available over at Threadless in a variety of styles and colors. If these do well, I'll probably be adding more designs in the future. So if you're interested, head on over to my Threadless store and check them out.

I drew some spooky things

During my forced mini-vacation, I put a post up on Facebook and Instagram asking for suggestions for random things to draw, 'cause I don't know what "vacation" means. A few people said Silent Hill, and I love Silent Hill, so....

Mary Shepard-Sunderland

Mary Shepard-Sunderland

The Locane Twins

The Locane Twins

I'm still debating making these available as prints, but regardless they were fun to do. I don't tend to do a lot of "drawing other people's shit", but it's fun to dabble in every now and then.

Wow, that's a lot of updates right? Are you so excited that you just want to hug me/punch me in the face? Well you're in luck because...

Cincinnati Comic Expo is less than two weeks away.

Weekend-after-next I'll be returning to Cincinnati - birthplace of the cinnamon roll, Nikola Tesla, and gangsta rap - for my second Cincinnati Comic Expo. Last year was wonderful. I made a bunch of awesome new readers and I'm kinda giddy excited to be back this year. Get your ass to Cincy and say hi.