C2E2: The Bewildering

If it hasn't been demonstrated clearly in my rambling on this blog; I'm something of a pessimist. I keep my goals humble and my expectations low. I doubt, second-guess, and harshly criticize everything I do. Basically I'm an insufferable self-loathing prick. It's who I am. It's my reality and I'm accustomed to it. Then something like C2E2 comes along and fucks me all up.

I find myself struggling to comprehend success, and C2E2 2016 was - beyond a doubt - the most successful show I've ever done. So I've spent the past few days in kind of a confused blur. It's like getting punched in the face but in a very good way. Wow, that's a terrible analogy. The point is the show was very good - so good in fact that I'm questioning what I'm capable of and wondering if I've been selling myself short. I'm considering potential and possibilities that I've never allowed myself to consider before.

This show was so good that I'm suffering a crisis of pessimism. To everyone that came out: thank you for that crisis.

The question I'm asking myself now is can I maintain this momentum. Next month is Indiana Comic Con - a show I've never done before - so I guess I'll find out there. Come on down if you want to check out my work and watch a man be delightfully confused.


There are a few books and prints that are currently out of stock over at the Store. You can blame C2E2 for that. Even though I thought I properly stocked up, I sold out of a bunch of stuff. Like I said, it was an amazing show. I'm working on getting everything back in stock and should have it all up in a week or so. I'll put up a post when that's done.

Oh yeah, with the Kickstarter finished and shipped off, I'm able to focus more on Nowhere #4 now. Here's the cover:

Hope ya dig it.