This is how I die

I came in to work today and had this waiting for me:

What you're looking at is three massive boxes filled with copies of Scratches and VOID from the printer. There's a lot of them. Now the funny thing about comics, books, or basically any kind of thing with pages is they tend to be very light by themselves, but when you pack a box (or three) full of them, they get surprisingly heavy. Now a couple things:

1: I got these shipped to my work because I've had packages disappear from my apartment lobby.

2: As you can see, there are three of these boxes, and they're massive and heavy.

3: I don't drive. During the summer I bike to work, during the winter (like now) I walk and take a train.

First thing this morning I took this picture and sent it to Jon, Leo, Angel, and Nicole. They all asked "how are you going to get that home?" to which I replied, "that's a good question". So far, I have two possible solutions: take a taxi, or carry them home, one per day. Right now I'm leaning towards the latter option cause I'm poor and it'll give me a good justification for skipping the gym this week, as I'll be getting my workout through alternative methods.

Once I get these home I'm going to get together with the rest of the crew to do have a massive sign, pack, and get-everything-ready-to-ship party; and then I will slumber for a thousand years.