The Horrors of Victory

So this happened yesterday:

I'm not going to play the false humility thing and act surprised that the book was funded; we kept our goals humble and we have awesome readers. (Thank you all, again and again, by the way.) I am, however, surprised by how successful it was. I was expecting us to hit our goal sometime around the zero hour, but we got fully backing halfway through the campaign. So we added stretch goals, then we hit those. And it kept growing up to the final minutes. I wasn't expecting that part.

Now that I can take a minute to look back at it, I have to say I really like Kickstarter as a word-of-mouth tool more than anything else. Yeah, having the project funded is nice, but I think the real value in Kickstarter was the ability to turn four guys putting out a comic into something of an event; which is an aspect I want to build on even more if I ever do another one of these.

Now that the campaign is over, the real work begins. We're waiting on the final funds to come in (Kickstarter takes a cut and some backers don't follow through, so the amount it says on the site isn't accurate to what we actually have to work with), but in the meantime, I'm trying to get the books ready for the printer, plan a pin-up, and figure out a bunch of logistics. Again, the final, final numbers aren't in, so there's a bit of "hurry up and wait" going on, but I'm trying to get to the place where once the waiting is over, everything runs as smooth as possible.

Oh, and I'm also squeezing in time to work on Nowhere #4 and plan for this year's conventions.

Ad Victoriam,