Pig-Boy gorging on the ruckus

The Kickstarter work just keeps coming! During the campaign, we put up two stretch goals: the addition of a one-shot comic I made, and extra pin-up art added to the main book. We hit both those goals, so even though my story for Scratches was drawn up and ready to go, I suddenly found myself prepping this second book and making a pin-up piece. So I got that stuff put together, got all the art from the rest of the team, made the supplemental pages (bios, credits, thank yous, etc.) and got the files sent of to the printer earlier this week. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the proofs, reviewing them, making any necessary changes, and getting the stock from the printer.

But wait, there's more! One of the reward tiers for the Kickstarter was commission spots. So while I've been putting the books together and getting them off to the printer, I've also been working on getting those commissions drawn. I don't want to post the finals just yet, but here's some rough sketches:

Much to my surprise, I've been loving the hell out of these commissions. I haven't really focused on doing commission work before, but after these, I think it's definitely something I'll be expanding on once the Kickstarter is officially done.

This whole thing has been a pleasantly jarring experience, and as odd as that sounds, I mean it in a genuinely good way. I've pretty much been a one-man team for all my projects in the past, and going from that to collaborating with three team artists, two guest artists and a hundred-something backers has been a massive change for me. I feel like my posts here since the Kickstarter started have been less focused and more rambly, and that's probably because I'm still in the middle of this project and everything about it is completely foreign to how I usually work. It's awesome and weird and I think I'm still trying to process everything. But enough of all that sentimental nonsense. Moving on...

I will be at C2E2 2016.

This announcement usually comes a lot earlier, but this year I was wait-listed instead of getting in on the first pass. So I've spent the past month or so riding a wonderful wave of dread and anxiety not knowing if I was going to get into what I consider the most important show of my convention year. But I got my acceptance email about 12 hours ago so I can finally relax.

I've got a whole bunch of new stuff planned for this year's show, so you are definitely gonna want to be there. I'll post more info on where exactly I'll be in the Alley as I get that info.

I've got a couple other interesting things cooking for the near future, but I think that's all I can really talk about now.

See you at C2E2.