I write words?

Things have been hectic recently. Good hectic, but hectic none the less. The word "hectic" has just lost all meaning to me and no longer sounds like a real word. Sorry about that.

I've spent the last couple weeks putting together all the Kickstarter stuff for Scratches. Making the page look nice, getting all the rewards established and organized, and coordinating all of this with Jon, Leo, and Angel. It's been a lot of mental juggling and now I worry my brain doesn't no longer do the things what brains are there for. But it was all worth it and now the Kickstarter is ready to launch. When does it launch? Watch this hastily-put-together video to find out.

Dammit, I had to create a YouTube account to get that up. I will always regret this.

So yeah, the Kickstarter starts this Monday. I'll obviously be posting links when it's up. All I ask is that you get on it early and tell your friends.

While I've been stress-testing my cognition with the Kickstarter, I've also been prepping for the Full Bleed Comic Art gallery which is...oh holy shit it's this weekend. That's definitely not something I should be panicking about because I'm totally prepped and ready for it. Yeah. For defos. You should check it out. I'll be there with my whole crew and I'll possibly be drinking!

And finally if you NEED to smother your face with the horrible things I do RIGHT NOW and can't wait for this weekend for the gallery or next Monday for the Kickstarter, you can scoop up a digital copy of Nowhere #3 RIGHT THIS MOMENT from Comixology. The process is nigh instantaneous. Click this sentence to do that thing. While you're there, give it a good rating and tell every single living thing you know about it.

I think that's everything. I'm gonna go prep for that gallery show that I'm totally ready for. This is not last-minute scrambling at all. I swear.