So…life’s been kinda chaotic recently. Outside of day job stuff, I launched my Patreon back in December and there’s been a bit of an adjustment period getting acclimated to having that in my regular routine. Because of that, I’m a little behind on news stuff here, so let’s get caught up on that.

Nowhere #7 is now in the Simon Store

I’m scrambling a bit to keep everything in order, and I don’t know if I ever actually announced that this was available. So in case I didn’t, I have now. You can scoop it up over at The Simon Store .

In my head, I’ve got this story separated into three parts. This issue is the first issue of Part Two and it’s going into some unexpected directions. I really hope y’all dig it.


Patreon prints

Every month, I make a new print from my Patreon backers. Sometimes I make bonus prints. Then I ship those out to all my backers at the end of the month. The plan is to add these prints to The Simon Store on a month delay. So the December Patreon Print become available to non-Patrons in January, January’s print become available in February, and so on. With that in mind, I’ve added some new prints to The Simon Store:

“The Wurm King” - December Patreon Print

“The Wurm King” - December Patreon Print

“Knife Girl“ - December Patreon Bonus Print

“Knife Girl“ - December Patreon Bonus Print

“Something in the Sky” - January Patreon Print

“Something in the Sky” - January Patreon Print

I’ve got some more announcements coming up, but i’m not quite ready to unveil them yet. In the meantime, y’all should be on my Patreon and following me over on Twitch. I’ve started live-streaming and I’m joining the hell out of it. I’m still figuring some of that stuff out, but it’s been awesome so far, so let’s get that crowd growing.


Yay! Time to panic!

Got kind of a big announcement planned so let’s get the other stuff out of the way:

Inktober 2018


I had never participated in Inktober before ‘cause I have a bad habit of getting tunnel vision. When I’m working on a book, that’s kind of the only thing I’m really thinking about. Then October would sneak up on me, people would start posting their Inktober pieces, and I’d realize I was once again late for the party.

This year I didn’t miss out. But instead of just doing a daily drawing, I decided to try to make a weird comic…thing. Every day, I’d draw an image - starting with a self portrait - add some text, and each sequential day, I’d try to continue the “story”. There was no script and very little direction, so as I was making it, I had no idea where it was going.

It was a weird experimental thing and you can check it all out in the webcomics section. I’m not sure I’ll do Inktober 2019 exactly like this, but I do like the idea of making another daily sequential thing.

I’m launching a Patreon. In a few days.

Oh boy, here we go. I’ve been putting this together behind the scenes for a while and now it’s ready to launch. Full disclosure: I’m terrified. This is going to be a considerable undertaking and it’s success depends on you alls support. Here’s hoping I can count on you to help out and spread the word.

So what’s the Patreon about? Well, every month, I’m going to make a 9x14 print. It may be original stuff, it may be fan art, it may be something suggested by my Patrons, whatever it is, I’m gonna make one every month and every Patron at a certain tier will get said print. I’m going to try to livestream the process as much as possible so you can watch each monthly print being made live, but I’m am still very new to live streaming so you’ll also get to watch me figure that shit out live. There are many other rewards in the various Patreon tiers, but the heart of this is you getting to see me make a new thing every month and getting a copy once it’s done.

Let’s talk about the Patreon tiers:


tip jar - $1 or more per month

Thanks! With this tier, you'll get access to my Patreon blog.


web comic - $5 or more per month

When I'm working on a webcomic, you'll get to see it a week early! Plus access to my blog and livestream notifications.


monthly print - $10 or more per month

Every month I'll create a new 9x14 print and you'll get a signed copy! Plus you'll be able to watch each print get created on my livestream. Includes access to the blog and early access to webcomics.


comic library - $15 or more per month

Every month you'll receive a single signed copy of any comic I've ever made of your choosing. You'll also get the monthly print and access to blogs, livestreams, and early webcomics.


print library - $20 or more per month

TWO PRINTS! Every month you'll receive a single signed print from my portfolio of your choosing. You'll also get the monthly print and access to blogs, livestreams, and early webcomics. 


print + comic library - $25 or more per month

TWO PRINTS AND A COMIC! Every month you'll receive a single signed print from my portfolio of your choosing AND a single signed copy of any comic I've ever made, also of your choosing. You'll also get the monthly print and access to blogs, livestreams, and early webcomics.


commission - $40 or more per month (limited availability)

I'll make you a 9x14 print of anything you want. I will not reprint it, so it will be exclusively yours. You'll also get the monthly print and access to blogs, livestreams, and early webcomics. 

So…yeah. That’s what I’m bringing with my Patreon. I imagine this is going to be a bit fluid, with tiers changing, being added, or removed as the community develops, but I’m comfortable with this being a starting point. I’ve got a few other super-secret surprised kicking around in my head for cool shit further down the line, but that’ll have to wait.

The tiers and rewards were fun to come up with and put together, but I’m mainly excited about the challenge of making daily prints, establishing a livestream routine/schedule, and having a more direct 1:1 way to connect with my readers on a regular basis.

Like I said earlier, this is all very scary, “brave new world” shit for me, and I have no idea what to expect. So I’m really gonna need y’alls help getting the word out. I’ll be posting more info on here and all my various social media dumpsters when it goes live this Saturday, December first. Hope to see you there.



Oh boy. I've been up to some shit. This is gonna be DENSE.

First off, a lot of this has been happening: 


I'm still not sure how this happened. I made a comment a while about about how I was maybe thinking about kinda-sorta messing around with music and Angel pounced on me. But you're not here for life shit, you're here for comic shit (I'm assuming), so here we go. 

Art stuff. 

I drew a few things:

Cal McDonald and Mo'lock

Cal McDonald and Mo'lock

"A Departure Realized" 

"A Departure Realized" 

I've also added two prints to the Simon Store:

"Baphomet" and "The Locane Twins"

"Baphomet" and "The Locane Twins"

I was initially hesitant about selling these as I wasn't sure if there was any demand, but after a few small test runs at conventions, I was proven wrong once again. Head on over to the store to scoop 'em up. 

Nowhere Part One is now available for preorder.


My second book from Caliber Comics releases August 29 and it collects the first six issues. Aaaaaand it's a Diamond Spotlight of the Month title! I'm not sure how big a deal that is, but I'm freaking out HARD. 

If you want a copy of this book, or just want to do me a solid, hit up your local comic shop and give them this link: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUN181615#

Or if that's too convoluted, just give them the Previews code: JUN181615 and ask them to preorder like five hundred copies. 

I can't stress this enough. I need as many readers spreading the word about this book as possible. So hit up your local comic shop and tell every sentient mammal you know to do the same.


New comic things what I am doing.

Remember Satanic Panic!, that new series I mentioned a few posts back?


Well issue one is done. I just gotta fix a few typos and order stock from the printer. I'll let y'all know when it's available. 

Now that that's done I can get back to work on Nowhere. With the first volume done, it's time to start issue seven. Here's the cover:


I lied again. Nowhere issue seven is actually done. Like I said, I've been busy. Same with Satanic Panic!, I just need to fix some typos and get stock from the printer.


I feel weird about selling print versions of comics you can read for free right here on this site, but I've gotten tons of request to make a print version of my one-shot webcomic HELL, so I'm working on that now. It's in the same state as Panic! #1 and Nowhere #7 - I'm sending a lot of shit to the printer recently. But that means y'all are gonna have a ton of new comics hitting you very soon. 


That should catch us up. 

So that's what I've done, but what am I doing now? Well, I'm currently working on the third N'Albany story. I've still got a way to go on it, but it's coming along at a pretty good pace. More as it develops. 

I'm also working on a longer project that I'm not quite ready to post about yet, although I have posted a few teaser images on my Instagram. So follow me there and check that out.

There's probably more stuff going on. I've got a couple more shows that I need to put up on my events page, but I feel like I've dumped enough info on you for now. 


Noise - Visual and Audio

Have you ever paused, taken stock of the various aspects of your life, and realized to your horror that you have sooo much shit going down? Like you're blind to it when you're in the thick of it, but when you come up to breathe, something something "forest for the trees" and all that. 

I think that made sense, even though it kinda fell apart at the end there. Whatever. Here's what's up: 



Ed Siemienkowicz was a guy who, despite being a fellow Chicago comic creator AND being friends with just about everyone I know, I never actually had the honor of meeting in person. Before his passing in 2017, he had completed the script for his 240+ page graphic novel Fucking Forty, which chronicled his battle with cancer. So his friends and loved ones got together and launched the Fucking Forty project, in which a bunch of artist volunteered to take sections of the script and finish the art. I volunteered and finished my assigned pages a few weeks ago, and more and more artists are wrapping up their pages every day. 

I'm not sure where the book goes from there. I believe there's going to be a Kickstarter campaign to get it printed and distributed. I'll post more info as I receive it. 



When I first met Jon Michael Lennon and Leo Perez, the greatest motherfuckers I've ever met, they had already released a couple issues of PRODUCT OF SOCIETY, an anthology series of the most insane shit I've ever read. When I saw this book, I immediately thought "I wanna be on this". Then Jon said he was retiring the series and I fell into a black pit of despair. So we worked on other things. I did all my shit and we eventually teamed up to make Scratches. Then Jon and Leo announced that P.O.S was coming back, so of course I jumped on that shit. And that's what I'm working on now. 

Jon sent me the greatest script ever and I'm currently about halfway through the art. I want to say more, but that's all I can say for now. There'll be more announcements soon. 


I've been working on a bunch of books written by other people - a first for me. But I do have my own shit still in the works. The script for Nowhere #7 and the next N'Albany story are both complete and ready to draw. So as soon as I knock out my P.O.S. pages, this will be next on my list. 



Caliber has officially released the trade paperback of IT LOOKS BACK and it's in Diamond/Previews now! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! 

I'm still having a hard time processing that this is actually happening. If you want to see this book in your local comic book shop, hit them up and give them this code: MAR181373 . They can use that to order IT LOOKS BACK from Previews. 

This is all new to me, and I have no idea what I'm doing, so help me out and spread the word. 


In non-comic news, I've been getting back into music for a bit now, and one of the bands I'm in - a doom metal outfit called Without Light - has officially graduated out of the "fucking around in a basement" stage and started doing shows: 


Much like with comics, I have no idea what I'm doing, but the process is fun. We have some rough demos up on Bandcamp if you wanna check them out. 

I think that's everything in the works right now, but there's a good chance that there's something I'm forgetting. There always is. 


The Moose Post

As you all know, a while ago I made "The Moose Post" on Facebook and Instagram, hinting at some big news:

Vague Moose is vague.

Vague Moose is vague.

Well, I've been dragging this on long enough waiting on things to be finalized, so let's get on with it: 

I have signed a publishing agreement with Caliber Comics. 


What does this mean? Well, a lot of things, I suppose, but I'll try to break it down: 
1 - Single, digital issues of Nowhere and IT LOOKS BACK will be available online in a lot more places.
2 - I've been getting requests for trades for years now. Those will now be available in print and digital. 
3 - Nowhere and IT LOOKS BACK will be listed on Diamond, so they should potentially be available at your local comic shop. 

As of right now, this agreement only pertains to Nowhere and IT LOOKS BACK. Wayward was originally part of the initial agreement, but we discovered that Image Comics has already put out a (completely unrelated) book called Wayward, so there's possibly some legal issues there. It sucks and no one's at fault, it's just an unfortunate coincidence. What that means for Wayward is it's gonna need a new title. I figured that would be a good opportunity to revisit that book and do some updates. I'm proud of the story, but it was my first comic and I'm not sure how I feel about the art anymore. So, look forward to a new, updated version of Wayward (with a new title) in the near future. 

So yeah, I'm officially published. I'll post updates on the process, the new trade covers, when the books will be available, etc. when I get that information, so stay tuned. Oh, and massive props to Andrea for "discovering" me. Y'all should do me a solid and check out his book. None of this would have happened if not for him. 

To be honest, even though I've been setting things up with Caliber for a few weeks now, the reality of the situation hasn't quite hit me yet. As I've stated here time and time again, I'm a phenomenal pessimist. I've spent my entire life expecting and preparing for worst-case scenarios, so when something outrageously good happens, I find myself unequipped with the skills needed to process it. Wins are alien to me, so I'm still processing.